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Praise for Lara of the North

“Lara of the North is a powerful tale with incredible settings and historical context. The author is a skilled storyteller as well as a great researcher. Readers are given an insight into life in 18th century Iceland and Scandinavia. Although the story starts a little slow, it does get cooking fast thereafter, and we’re drawn to the main character immediately and she holds our sympathy throughout. Readers will be particularly fond of Lara because of her youth, the hardships and trauma she endures so early on and the way she preservers. This is a great adventure, full of love, friendship and loyalty, emphasizing the strength and endurance of Lara and those around her, in the midst of brutality, personal tragedy, horrific illness and hardship. I enjoyed the beautifully descriptive language, such as this sentence on page 86: “All shapes and sizes of gray, brown, red, green, blue and white frocks and tunics approached…” The cover and title are good and I love the landscape and the font. This was a very educational, unusual and enjoyable read.” — Judge for Writer’s Digest Self-Published Books ”

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